Diagnostics February 14th, 2019

Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Swallow Functions

In this article, THANC provides data regarding temporal measurements of swallow functions obtained by dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as comparing these values to normative videofluoroscopy data.

Surgery February 12th, 2019

Advantages of Local Pedicle Flaps in Soft Palate Reconstruction

In this report, THANC describes the advantages of employing the palatal island flap in conjunction with the lateral pharyngeal wall flap in a single-staged reconstruction of large soft palate defects.…

More Research Articles

Thyroid Head & Neck Research Center (THNRC)

In 2009, we opened the functional outcomes clinical research center at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, which is the sole US site of the international Head and Neck Research Network (HNRN). This network of research centers was developed in 2008 to create global outreach with the intent of performing critical assessments of patients before and after treatment for head and neck and thyroid cancers. Our laboratory studies the impact of various treatments including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and prosthetic rehabilitation on patient function and quality of life. The research center assesses outcomes with a fast track to achieve statistical significance, to guide the future of patient care in head and neck and thyroid cancer.

The current centers located in Edmonton, Canada; New York City, United States; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Gainesville, Florida; and Turku, Finland conduct research in a wide range of areas and evaluate outcomes following head and neck cancer treatment.