2023 Year in Review

Wow! What a year 2023 has been!

Bursting with unforgettable events, transformative collaborations and groundbreaking research, 2023 has truly been a hallmark of progress and promise. We are thrilled beyond words for you to dive into this year-in-review, where you’ll discover not just our accomplishments, but also the life-changing impact we’ve made together in the realms of patient advocacy, research and medical education.

Get ready to be inspired, because the best is yet to come!

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Update on Programs & Events

THANC Celebrated 20 Years!

On April 27, 2023, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a spectacular Kaleidoscope Gala at the New York Botanical Garden. This unforgettable evening showcased the remarkable achievements of the past two decades and emphasized the importance of our community, symbolized by the kaleidoscope.

A butterfly represents the innate metamorphoses we experience as we traverse the ever-evolving path of life. Intriguingly, a kaleidoscope refers to an enchanting assembly of these delicate creatures. At THANC, we proudly embody a vibrant kaleidoscope—a harmonious blend of patients, survivors, caregivers, physicians and researchers who have intertwined our unique personal journeys into a collective tapestry. Our kaleidoscope is anchored in hope, resilience, awareness and renewal.

This past April, we celebrated 20 years of sharing the rich mosaic of our stories, the elevated quality of care achieved through our groundbreaking research, and our unwavering commitment to educating and empowering physicians across the globe. Alarmingly, more than 300 Americans receive a diagnosis of thyroid, head, and neck cancer every day. Members of our kaleidoscope showed their invaluable support and reassured our community that they are never alone on this transformative expedition.

A Memorable Fall Golf Outing

The Jack Levy Memorial Golf Outing was a highly-anticipated annual event that took place on October 2, 2023 at the Old Oaks Country Club in Purchase, NY. Despite the intense rain that poured the week prior, the weather on the day of the event was incredibly beautiful—sunny and breezy—creating the perfect backdrop for a round of golf. This outing was more than a casual day on the greens—it was a pivotal fundraiser designed to advance the mission of the THANC (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer) Foundation. 

Held on a top-notch A.W. Tillinghast golf course, known for its panoramic views, the event aimed to provide participants with a stellar golfing experience while also offering an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause. Whether attendees were drawn by the spirit of friendly competition or the allure of a beautiful day outdoors, the outing succeeded in uniting people for the common goal of raising money for an important charity, all while fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Making the Cancer Journey Smoother with the THANC Guide

Over the past year, we’ve proudly achieved our goals of expanding our content offerings to cater to a diverse audience—patients, caregivers, parents, teens, and even kids. Our commitment to high-quality information is reflected in the THANC Guide, where you can now find a wealth of material suitable for the entire family. This information exists in various formats including blog posts and permanent updates to the Guide’s content. However, our work is far from over.


Posts added


Monthly visitors

As part of our ongoing mission to support families affected by thyroid, head and neck cancer, we are excited to announce that in the coming months, we’ll be releasing an update to our series of children’s books and activities, which will include audio formats with translations into Spanish. These resources are designed to demystify the complexities of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. We recognize that the journey through cancer is a family affair, and it remains our unwavering goal to provide reliable, engaging, and uplifting materials that can benefit loved ones at every stage of life.

A Spot Just for Kids

Join Hank the Monkey with his friends as they learn about cancer and how to cope with it through free stories, games and activities.

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TIRO Has Grown

We launched TIRO, the Thyroid Int’l Recommendations Online in 2021.

TIRO is a one-stop educational hub for thyroid clinicians. It compares and contrasts international thyroid cancer and thyroid nodule guidelines, white papers and recommendations in a way that identifies where they align and where discrepancies exist. 

TIRO’s goal is to provide physicians with up-to-date information on contemporary medical topics. We accomplish this through weekly journal clubs, lectures, tumor boards and round table discussions. A passionate group of experienced, international thyroid specialists lead TIRO’s growth. They created TIRO to improve the medical care and outcomes for those living with these diseases.

TIRO Hosts a Webinar Every Friday!

TIRO—supplemented by our weekly webinars (TIROxMDS)—offers physicians a wealth of expertise on modern medical topics through engaging journal clubs, lectures, tumor boards and round table discussions. Spearheaded by an enthusiastic team of international thyroid specialists with extensive experience in the field, TIRO is dedicated to improving healthcare for those living with these diseases. So everyone can be well-informed about their condition.

medical staff reviewing a patient record

Research Associates

Rewarding Work with an Interdisciplinary Team

The THANC Foundation’s research associates are integral members of an interdisciplinary team comprised of doctors and scientists, contributing to both academic and clinical advancements in the field of head, neck, and thyroid cancers. They are actively involved in writing and publishing scientific papers and posters, and have showcased their research at various head & neck and thyroid-related conferences. 

Research Accomplishments

In the past year alone, our research associates have presented at a medical conference, submitted three abstracts, and published twelve manuscripts in esteemed peer-reviewed journals such as Laryngoscope, Thyroid, Head & Neck, and JAMA Otolaryngology. Working under direct supervision, research associates maintain ongoing contact with patients throughout their entire clinical journey, collecting vital data for clinical studies and meticulously reviewing patient charts.

Research Associate

Jun Yun
Senior Research Associate

Welcome to our New Recruits!

Research Associate

Justin Joseph

Research Associate

Salmaan Sayeed

Research Associate

Michelle Yoon

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