Quinn O’Malley • Teamwork Tuesday


Quinn O’Malley joined THANC as a Research Associate in 2018, after graduating from Hamilton College. At THANC, Quinn conducted many research studies which included publishing an original article on prophylactic wound therapy in head and neck reconstruction, as well as creating a surgical classification system for advanced cases of osteoradionecrosis. He was also instrumental in starting one of THANC’s institutional projects looking at different molecular markers in aggressive forms of thyroid cancer.

During his time at THANC, Quinn has enjoyed listening to weekly tumor board meetings and meeting patients during the research consent process in the clinic. Some of his fondest memories were spent in the operating room, observing Dr. Urken and forming friendships with many members of the OR staff. This unique clinical access allowed Quinn to see the complete picture of medicine and fully understand what it means to care for a patient. While working at THANC, he also ran the NYC Marathon to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Foundation and spent as many nights as he could in Brooklyn watching the Nets play.

Spending two years in the Research Associate program at THANC has prepared Quinn for medical school by teaching him how to communicate with people at every level of medicine and to be critical in his self-assessment. Quinn ultimately wants to pursue a career in orthopaedics, with a focus on sports medicine. We will miss Quinn’s warm presence as part of our THANC family, but are expecting great things from him in his future medical career!