Mykayla Sandler • Teamwork Tuesday


Mykayla Sandler joined THANC as a Research Associate in 2018, after graduating from Harvard College. At THANC, Mykayla completed many impressive research projects, including an extensive review of vagal schwannomas and a systematic review of papillary thyroid cancer metastases to the parapharyngeal space. She also played a large role in the organization, content creation, and relaunch of the Thyroid, Head, and Neck Cancer Guide. 

Mykayla’s fondest memories as an RA include meeting patients through the 30 Stories initiative and attending the annual golf outing. She particularly enjoyed the golf outing as it allowed her to share her RA experience with the THANC board members and donors, and to thank them for making her position as an RA possible. She will miss the feelings of closeness, teamwork, and camaraderie that she experienced with her fellow RAs and all of the members of the THANC family. During her time at THANC, Mykayla also ran the NYC marathon, fully explored the city’s culinary scene, fostered a puppy, and participated in Sinai Miles for Miracles, an organization that teaches New York City kids about running, health, and nutrition.

This coming fall, Mykayla will begin the next chapter of her healthcare journey at Harvard Medical School. She believes that THANC has prepared her for medical school by teaching her how to ask critical questions and how to work towards finding the answers, both on her own and with a team. Ultimately, Mykayla wants to pursue a career in pediatrics while incorporating clinical research in her practice. She also hopes to one day work with and mentor a team of college and post-graduate students, because she knows how valuable an experience like that can be. In the months between graduating THANC and starting Harvard Medical School, Mykayla is enjoying the summer and working at The GOOD Farm on Martha’s Vineyard. 

We are so happy that Mykayla is part of the THANC family, and we cannot wait to hear about all the amazing things she will accomplish in the future!