Transoral Robotic Resection of a Posterior Hypopharyngeal Wall Liposarcoma

A case report of a rare entity and literature review.


Liposarcomas are low-grade malignancies that are rarely found in the head and neck region. There have been very few reports of liposarcomas arising in the hypopharynx. These tumors are treated surgically and generally have a high survival rate, although recurrence is common. In this article, we discuss the first known case of a well differentiated, low grade hypopharyngeal liposarcoma that was successfully removed via transoral robotic surgery (TORS)

Filip, P., Zeiger, J., Sandler, M., Alialya, R., Sims, J. R., Khorsandi, A. S., & Chai, R

Otolaryngology Case Reports, 2020

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