Discover Hope with Simplified Clinical Trial Access

Discover hope in thyroid and head/neck cancer trials by exploring Carebox Connect today.


The THANC (Thyroid, Head & Neck Cancer) Foundation has teamed up with Carebox, a leading clinical trial matching solutions provider, to enhance its resource center for thyroid, head, and neck cancer patients. This collaboration has resulted in the launch of Carebox Connect. This is a web application optimized for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals seeking clinical trials for thyroid, head, and neck cancer.

Carebox Connect offers an efficient way to search and match patients with relevant clinical trials and is now accessible through the THANC Guide’s clinical trials page. The platform utilizes human-supervised AI to convert unstructured clinical trial data into searchable criteria, allowing users to find trials that match their specific characteristics. Additionally, advanced search and filtering options are available, and users can subscribe to receive notifications about new trials in their area.