Neurologic Function Sparing Surgical Management of Vagal Schwannomas

A novel approach: continuous intraoperative nerve monitoring of the laryngeal adductor reflex.


Nerve damage that occurs during surgical resection of vagal schwannomas, rare benign tumors of the head and neck, has been associated with significant morbidity. This study illustrates how intraoperative nerve monitoring (IONM)  that allows for real-time intraoperative feedback can better preserve nerve function. While IONM has not previously been used in this context, it may be the future standard of care for vagal schwannoma excisions

Sandler ML, Sims JR, Sinclair C, Sharif KF, Ho R, Yue LE, Téllez MJ, Ulkatan S, Khorsandi AS, Brandwein-Weber M, Urken ML

Head and Neck, 2019

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