Patty Thompson

Patty shares her difficult cancer journey and her experiences with radiation, multiple surgeries, and, eventually, a total laryngectomy.


Having recently celebrated another year cancer free, Patty tells us about her efforts to spread awareness and give back by speaking to young students about the dangers of smoking and about her own struggles. She admits that if her story touches even just a few students and convinces them to never try smoking, that would be a great result.

We interviewed Patty in December of 2012, and were inspired by her impressive efforts in community outreach, as well as her dedication to preventing others from experiencing the hardships that she endured.

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30 Stories in 30 Days

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. For the next 4 weeks, we will post stories written by oral cancer survivors, caregivers and friends for our 30 Stories in 30 Days campaign. We hope their perspectives and insight will help others along their journey.