Eliza Dewey

Meet Eliza Dewey. Follow her career evolution from research associate to healthcare strategist and advocate for women’s health!

Eliza Dewey began her career in healthcare at the THANC Foundation as a Research Associate in 2013. After two years contributing to and learning from THANC’s excellent research program, her passion for the organization’s team and impact encouraged her to transition to another role at the organization, helping to develop The Thyroid Care Collaborative.

Since her time at THANC, Eliza has worked for several health care companies and health systems working to improve primary and preventive care delivery through product development, clinical operations, and strategy consulting roles. Eliza recently graduated with an MPH from Harvard Chan School of Public Health with a focus in Health Management.

Currently, Eliza is the Head of Product Strategy at Upliv Health, building a comprehensive and accessible women’s health care platform in partnership with health systems. Eliza loves to travel, especially to places where she can put her Spanish skills to use and try new cuisines. In addition to her MPH at Harvard, Eliza holds a BA from Davidson College.