A Rare Case Report: Colonic-type Adenocarcinoma of the Base of the Tongue


Lingual adenocarcinomas (ADC), either primary or metastatic to the tongue are extraordinarily rare neoplasms. Two cases of primary colonic-type adenocarcinomas of the base of the tongue were recently reported for the first time in the English literature. THANC presents an additional case of lingual intestinal-type adenocarcinoma and discuss the clinicopathologic features and histogenetic aspects of this rare entity.

Denisa Slova, Alberto Paniz Mondolfi, Ioana Moisini, Gabriel Levi, Mark Urken, Jose Zevallos, Sharmeen Mansoor, Azita Khorsandi, Dov Bloch, Ramapriya Vidhun, Bruce Wenig

Head and Neck Pathology, June 2012

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