THANC Supporters Make a Difference in Their Communities – Part 1


Team THANC to join in a Halloween half-marathon and relay in memory of Joseph A. Russo on October 18, 2015 in Morris Township, NJ: organized by Superhero Events.

Superhero Events specializes in planning, promoting, and directing running races in NJ. Their mission is to hold creative, enjoyable, and rewarding events available to any person, of any experience level, who seeks fun and challenging races. Since their inception in 2010, Superhero Events has held 18 races with over 40,000 attendees and growing! Chris Russo, owner and event director, along with his partner Heather McDermott, not only plan and organize these races&emdash;they do all of this while giving back to the community and local charities. They have raised nearly $150,000 for charities thus far. THANC has recently partnered with Superhero Events to host a team for the upcoming Halloween Half Marathon and Relay this October.

Does everything happen for a reason? One afternoon, the THANC staff was researching events to get involved with this fall, when we came across Chris and Superhero Events. An initial contact was made, and both THANC and Chris were quickly amazed by the connection. On July 31, 2012 Mr. Joseph Anthony Russo, Chris’ father, passed away surrounded by his loving family after a long, courageous battle with head and neck cancer. A Bronx native, Joseph Russo spent 28 years in Cedar Knolls, NJ and prior to Cedar Knolls he resided in Rockland County, NY. His wife and family were his pride and joy and he loved coaching his sons’ basketball, baseball and football teams. Joseph Russo was a man who believed our lives are not measured by the number of years lived, but by the deeds and goals accomplished. He truly lived a fulfilling life, and Chris is following in his footsteps.

Chris and his partner Heather co-organize half marathons to help support charities. When Chris learned of the connection and the work of the THANC Foundation, he was excited to partner and help spread THANC’s mission while raising funds for our cause.

Join Team THANC today to run the Halloween Half Marathon and Relay in Memory of Joseph A. Russo and help raise funds to support our mission!