Linda & Martin Katz

Linda shares her experience with squamous cell carcinoma and how important it was to have a caregiver like her husband, Marty. She describes how their relationship strengthened through her cancer treatment as she underwent radiation and chemotherapy.


Throughout her journey, Marty was present to provide support and care, and the two of them express how lucky they feel to have come out the other side stronger together.

We interviewed Linda and Marty in December of 2012. Their dedication to each other and their will to make it through cancer together provides hope for those currently in the midst of their cancer journey. We hope listening to them speak about their experience resonates with you as much as it did us.

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30 Stories in 30 Days

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. For the next 4 weeks, we will post stories written by oral cancer survivors, caregivers and friends for our 30 Stories in 30 Days campaign. We hope their perspectives and insight will help others along their journey.