Do Comprehensive Head & Neck Radiotherapy Dose-Volume Constraints Apply to Smaller Volumes?


Multiple studies report on radiation therapy (RT) dose values that cause permanent radiation-induced dysphagia (RID) and cerebrovascular disease (RICV). The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that the dose values that have been correlated with swallowing and vascular problems are not applicable to patients who are treated with RT-alone for early true vocal cord cancer.

Waleed F Mourad, Daniel Shasha, Dukagjin M Blakaj, Azita S Khorsandi, Rania A Shourbaji, Jonathan Glanzman, Rafi Kabarriti, Rebekah Young, Shyamal Patel, Evangelia Katsoulakis, Mauricio Gámez, Rudolph Woode, Cathy Lazarus, Kenneth S Hu and Louis B Harrison

Anticancer Research, October 2013

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