Debra Rothar

While pregnant with her daughter, Debra noticed an unusual bump on the roof her mouth. Her dentist, however, reassured her that this bump was merely an infection that would clear with time.


After giving birth, Debra returned to the doctor to examine the nagging infection. To her surprise, the bump was not an infection at all. It was cancer.

When we sat down with Debra in December of 2012, she retold her story of discovering the oral malignancy. With the support of her determined mother and loving family, she managed to beat cancer. Debra is now in remission. We hope that this video will demonstrate the importance of surrounding yourself with a support system that will give you the strength to push forward.

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30 Stories in 30 Days

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. For the next 4 weeks, we will post stories written by oral cancer survivors, caregivers and friends for our 30 Stories in 30 Days campaign. We hope their perspectives and insight will help others along their journey.