When I found out I had thyroid cancer, I never thought “I have cancer.” I just faced it head on. Maybe it had something to do with thinking of it as the “good” kind of cancer. 

It was years later that it hit me: “wow, I’m a cancer survivor.” It has been a real struggle… weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, thyroid hormone levels all over the place. But I finally have a doctor that works with me, listens to me and is open to including alternative options along with my traditional medications. 

My hormone levels are finally right. I still struggle with losing weight, memory and moodiness but it’s way better now. My advice: advocate for yourself. This is your life, health and well-being—your new normal. So, take a stand for yourself!

30 Stories in 30 Days

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. As part of that theme, we will post stories written by thyroid cancer survivors, caregivers and medical professionals for our 30 Stories in 30 Days campaign. We hope their perspectives and insight will help others along their journey.