Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer Guide

We developed the Thyroid, Head & Neck Cancer Guide, or THANC Guide as a comprehensive resource to help patients and their loved ones understand and prepare for every step of the cancer journey. The THANC Guide strives to provide information that is written by experts but easy to understand, for adults, teens and children, on diagnosis, treatments, emotional challenges, medical decision making and much more. Developed by doctors who specialize in treating head and neck cancers and designed with the input of patients, caregivers and their loved ones, the THANC Guide is the most complete resource of its kind available. Anyone affected by head and neck cancer can use this guide to help cope with and better understand the cancer journey.

The THANC Guide is supported in part by a grant from Mount Sinai Beth Israel and was made possible by a generous donation in loving memory of Peter Lane. Peter Lane struggled with head and neck cancer, and his family wished to honor the memory of their beloved father, husband, grandfather, colleague and friend supporting the development of a website to help patients and their families through their journey.