Camilo Gonzalez-Velazquez, MD

Gutierrez Scholar

Born and raised in Mexico, Dr. Camilo Gonzalez-Velazquez graduated from medical school in 2011 where he became interested in endocrinology and thyroid disease. He continued into an internal medicine residency program at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and was later selected as a Clinical Endocrinology fellow in the same institution. He currently serves as Chief Resident in the endocrinology division. Over the past year, Dr. Gonzalez has published manuscripts in well-respected medical journals and attended international meetings and sonography courses, where his interest in the study of thyroid cancer has grown.

With the guidance of Dr. Mark Urken and other physicians at the Mount Sinai Thyroid Center, Dr. Gonzalez observed thyroid surgery, office consultations, ultrasound and biopsy techniques, and endocrine pathology. He took further initiative by engaging in a clinical research project, where he helped analyze the size of metastatic lymph nodes in thyroid cancer patients. Dr. Gonzalez was instrumental in a major effort at the THANC Foundation to translate various online video content from English to Spanish, which benefit countless patients and families using the THANC Guide and other patient resources sponsored by THANC.