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Diagnostics January 17th, 2019

Functional Outcomes & Quality of Life in Patients Undergoing Chemoradiotherapy

While chemoradiotherapy is an effective form of thyroid cancer treatment, patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy have been found to suffer from various oral complications after treatment.  In this prospective study THANC examines the functional outcomes and quality of life in patients after chemoradiotherapy over the first six months post-treatment.

C. L. Lazarus, H. Husaini, K. Hu, B. Culliney, Z. Li, M. Urken, A. Jacobson, M. Persky, T. Tran, C. Concert, D. Palacios, R. Metcalfe-Klaw, M. Kumar. B. Bennett, L. Harrison

Published by

Dysphagia, June 2014

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