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Update: Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative

Posted on: May 28, 2015

The Thyroid Care Collaborative (TCC) wrapped up 2014 as its biggest year yet and by the time this newsletter is printed we will have surpassed our first goal of entering more than 1000 patient records in the system. The application now offers even more patient resources, and allows doctors to easily share their patient data with the other physicians involved in their care. 2015 will see the launch of new modules for both MD’s and patients, and the continued expansion of the application’s user base.

The TCC will be attending several medical conferences this year, including those sponsored by AAES, AACE and the ATA. This outreach helps bring the site and its mission closer to the medical community and allows us to demonstrate the power of the system to doctors in a one-on-one setting. Stay tuned over the next 90 days, as we release major updates and exciting news.


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