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A Profile in Courage: Running for a Cure

Posted on: October 17, 2017

On a fall day in 2015 I received a call from my dad saying “I think I have an enlarged lymph node on one side of my neck.” Fast forward: he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Throat Cancer (on the base of tongue). My dad never smoked, ate well and exercised regularly—who would have imagined!?

We were quickly set up with a treatment plan of 35 radiation treatments and 3 rounds of chemo. Over the next few months this treatment tried to beat him down. It was beyond difficult for my dad to endure. And so hard for my family to watch and try our best to help him through. Some bumps in the road included a PEG (feeding tube), which he needed for 4 months, as he could not swallow. But he made it! …now PEG free!

One and a half years out and our family is so happy to say he is currently cancer free!

He is back to doing all his favorite things including golfing, skiing, traveling all over the world with my mom and being a grandpa! I could not be more proud of him. We can look back at that “blip in the road” (as his docs kept telling him it would be) and move forward to much happier times!

I am running the NYC marathon on November 5th in honor of my dad! In order to raise awareness and fight for a cure. If he can make it through that “blip”— well, I mean—the marathon seems like nothing comparatively!

Let’s keep raising money! Fighting for a CURE! And fighting to help anyone and everyone having to endure this tremendously difficult journey!

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