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Evangelia Papacostas
September 30, 2018

“July 6th, 2017 may have been the worst day of my life, but it was the first day of a journey that taught me so much about myself and showed me how beautiful life is.”

Valley Childrens Healthcare
September 29, 2018

The researchers hope to use an interesting study to create guidelines which could help reduce the length of hospital stays, the frequency of laboratory tests, hospital costs and the overall number of patients requiring treatment with oral calcium.

Pathology Research
September 28, 2018

Estimation can become particularly difficult when examining many slides from larger tumors, as the cancer’s appearance can differ from one region to another. Artificial intelligence could reduce this subjectivity and improve accuracy of classification.

Beth Holliday
September 27, 2018

"A high survival rate does NOT mean that thyroid cancer does NOT need support or proper follow up! I urge everyone – young and old to check their necks in the month of September and ongoing!"

Brittney Block
September 26, 2018

"Cancer took my thyroid, but it did not take my will to live; it only made it stronger."

Dr. Erich Voigt
September 25, 2018

While watching an episode of “Beachfront Bargain Hunt,” Dr. Erich Voigt, a New York-based otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeon, noticed a small lump on the neck of a woman featured on the program. Motivated by his concern for the young woman, he took to social media to find her.

Damian Michelle Franko
September 24, 2018

“Acceptance is what allowed me to live my life as I always have, not letting cancer bring me down. I accepted cancer in my life with open arms because it is a part of me whether I like it or not. It is a part of my life now. To be accepting of what comes into your life when you have no control over it is a humbling feeling. It allows you to can keep living, smiling, loving, healing, hoping, praying, feeling, and fighting to the end.”

Melissa Sciortino
September 23, 2018

Time will tell if I can beat this thing for good. Until then, I live for my daughter. I will spend every day of my life protecting my sweet angel who saved mine.

Active Surveillance
September 22, 2018

A new management strategy for low-risk thyroid cancers, called Active Surveillance, may be the optimal first line of treatment for adult patients with low-risk thyroid cancers.

Jessica Yancey
September 21, 2018

Positivity! That is the best thing you can do when dealing with cancer or that was my outlook. It will help you so much in your journey and others will see that and in return that will inspire them!


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