Lauren Yue • Teamwork Tuesday


Lauren Yue joined the THANC Foundation as a Research Associate in 2017 after graduating from Wesleyan University, and she became the Foundation’s Research Coordinator in 2018. During her time at THANC, Lauren worked on many important research projects, and has published 16 papers in peer-reviewed journals! One of Lauren’s most recent research projects examined the relationship between aggressive features of oral cancer and the depth of cancer invasion into the jaw bone. This was one of her favorite projects, because she worked with doctors from various medical fields such as radiology, pathology, and surgery, and was able to experience the collaborative nature of healthcare.

Lauren was also involved in many patient-centered initiatives. She attended the annual ThyCa conference in 2017, during which she met many cancer patients and survivors. Attending this conference was one of her THANC career highlights because she particularly enjoys interacting with patients. At THANC, Lauren felt that she was able to witness the full circle of patient care as she encountered patients at various stages of their treatment journey. Outside of working at THANC, Lauren took full advantage of living in the city. She volunteered with Mount Sinai pediatric patients, played on a club field hockey team, and thoroughly explored the city’s food scene.

This coming Fall, Lauren will be starting medical school at the Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. She hopes to apply everything she has learned at THANC, including the importance of patient education and empowerment, to her future healthcare career.  When Lauren first joined THANC, she was initially interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics. However, working with so many different Mount Sinai physicians has piqued her interest in other fields of medicine such as surgery.

We are confident that Lauren will continue to make a positive impact wherever she goes, and we will miss her dearly!