Observerships are arranged for periods of one day to three months, allowing physicians from around the world to experience the range of surgical procedures and patient care provided by the team of surgeons in the Institute for Head, Neck, and Thyroid Cancers.

Surgical Observerships


Tailored to each individual observer. No maximum or minimum time period, although required onboarding suggests a minimum stay of one week.


Visitors visa (B1/B2) Letter of invitation will be sent upon acceptance of a candidate. The Institute cannot assist with visa acquisition.


The Institute does not provide housing. New York City has a wide range of housing opportunities which can be arranged prior to arrival.

Training Objectives

Candidates will be exposed to all aspects of care of the head and neck and thyroid cancer patient. Our faculty performs a high volume of ablative and reconstructive surgical procedures with over 100 microvascular reconstructions performed annually. Additional didactic opportunities include participation in the weekly multidisciplinary tumor board as well as monthly head and neck reconstructive surgery conferences. Research opportunities are available with the Thyroid Head Neck Research Center (THNRC) located at Mount Sinai Downtown.

Criteria for Applicants

  • Recent CV/Resumé
  • A letter of recommendation from your supervising physician. They should have first-hand knowledge of your clinical and/or education experience and background.
  • Medical Clearance, including an up-to-date vaccination history.
  • A copy of your medical license.
  • Contact Information
  • Planned start and end dates of your observership.

Are you interested in this opportunity?

Surgical Observerships with Mark L. Urken, MD, FACS at Mount Sinai Beth Israel – Institute for Head and Neck and Thyroid Cancer

  • Diana Kirke
    Queensland, Australia
  • Omar Ellaithy
    Alexandria, Egypt
  • Dushyant Mandylyk
    Ahmedabad, India
  • Min Ruan
    Shanghai, China
  • Jane Chungyoon Kim
    Korea, Republic of
  • Karen Muindi
  • Noun Eltayeb Ahmed
  • Isha Kohli
  • Dhaiwat Kothari
    Gujarat, India
  • Alejandro Torres
    Valencia, Spain
  • Hongxun Wu
    Jiangsu, China

Surgical Observerships with Daniel Buchbinder, DMD, MD at Mount Sinai Beth Israel – Institute for Head & Neck and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Baris Aydil
    Istanbul, Turkey
  • Libor Brezina
    Ivancice, Czech Republic
  • Dror Allon
    Jerusalem, Israel
  • Yang Heo
    Nagova, Japan
  • Ainhoa Laso
    Bilboa, Spain
  • Radulescu Mihai
    Montreal, Canada
  • Cristina Vila
    Badajoz, Spain
  • Thomas Assaf
    Hamburg, Germany
  • Timea Foldi
    Budapest, Hungary
  • Federico Pinto
    Lecce, Italy
  • Leandro Pozzer
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Zun Zhang
    Shanghai, China
  • Nabil Gomez
    Sevilla, Spain
  • Santos Yadov
    Chitwan, Nepal

2012 Surgical Observerships with Mark L. Urken, MD, FACS and Daniel Buchbinder, DMD, MD

  • Elena Gil
    Laragoza, Spain
  • Horst Kokemiller
    Gottingen, Germany
  • Frank Kloss
    Innsbruck, Austria
  • Ignacio Alonso
    Palencia, Spain
  • Allan Lat
    Quezon City, Philippines
  • Leticia Cervera
    Gijon, Spain
  • Aldo Soto
    Valencia, Spain
  • Alejandro Jawtamaria
    Madrid, Spain
  • Alessandro Ticozzi
    Milan, Italy
  • David Ballester
    Badajoz, Spain
  • Lazar Decic
    Belgrade, Serbia
  • Edgardo Franciosi
    Cordova, Argentina
  • Ekapob Sangariyanavich
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Liang Wang
  • Marcos Lopez
    Cantabria, Spain
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