International Thyroid Tumor Board • Virtual Journal Club

Announcing a new installment to the Virtual Journal Club. This series connects physicians to the latest evidence-based clinical news related to care of the thyroid and thyroid cancer.

Apr 23, 20218:00 am–9:00 am

Presentation & Speakers

Dr. Michael Tuttle will moderate our Journal Club’s inaugural International Thyroid Tumor Board.

Dr. Margaret Brandwein-Weber, Dr. Ronald Ghossein, Dr. Eyal Robenshtok, Dr. Monica Rossleigh, and Dr. Mark L. Urken will join as panelists.

Dr. Sara Ahmadi (Massachusetts General Hospital), Dr. Andres Henriquez (Mayo Clinic), and Dr. Neil Mundi (Mount Sinai) will join as case presenters.

Live Stream

Subscribed physicians can view the presentations live.

Contemporary Medical Topics

The keynote speakers present the latest work in thyroid cancer care from the medical community. Expect to hear about new research, better treatments and novel ways of diagnosing patients.

Library of Recorded Presentations

We add new recordings weekly.