Have you heard of the THANC Guide?


The THANC Guide is at the core of our mission.

If you’ve been following THANC for a little while, you have probably heard about our free online resource, the Head & Neck Cancer Guide, that covered the basics of head & neck cancer in plain language. This year we added some great improvements, rebuilt the site—which we renamed the THANC Guide—and launched it on May 15th. The site now includes 22 cancer types, 136 informational and inspiring videos, more than 300 pages of content and over 350 online (and offline) resources! Moreover, we expanded the “cancer basics” section to cover thyroid cancer.

We added a blog called The Journey to consistently add new information for our visitors and to keep the conversation connected with current events. Each article in The Journey addresses a unique hurdle a person might face on the path back to wellness and offers patients, caregivers, and family members advice and strategies for coping. You will also find a hub of support options in the Guide’s exhaustive resources section

When you visit the THANC Guide, you can sign up to gain access to a new personal dashboard. The dashboard can keep track of pages you bookmark, lets you reflect on your experiences with a private journal, and shows new articles and updated information published on the site.

We’re so proud of this project! The THANC Guide covers the basics of cancer care—from diagnosis to recovery, clinical trials to side effects, and everything in between. We promise you will find the knowledge, hope and support that you’re looking for.