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Please Help raise Awareness or donate to raise money for research. Find Hope. Find a Cure.

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THANC helps raise awareness for patients and survivors of Head, Neck and Thyroid Cancer. My goal is to raise money to help find more effective ways of treatment and to help research to find a cure. We believe there is not enough awareness for the head and neck cancer foundation yet 64,690 people every year will get diagnosed.

One of the biggest symptoms of neck cancer is loss of voice, which is an individual’s biggest form of communication, it is their primary way of expressing their thoughts, feelings, views and beliefs, and when cancer takes over your voice the patient loses a big connection with their family and friends.

1 year ago my grandpa was diagnosed with metastatic throat cancer. He had to go through 2 surgeries, chemo, radiation, and ended up getting a feeding tube because he could not swallow, all of this took a big toll on him and my family. As a close family member you feel helpless and vulnerable. The entire process is very hard for the patient but also the close family members. There is so much uncertainty and there are many horrific but possible outcomes that may occur. I would never want to see anyone go through this, so lets come together and help THANC raise awareness and WIN THE WAR against Thyroid, Head and Neck CANCER!!

Find Hope. Find a Cure.


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