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Living with Cancer

Maryanne tells us about her lifelong fight with cancer and shares how she has been able to continue living life throughout her cancer journey.

Faces of Courage

Meet some of the amazing people we admire. Their bravery and grace inspire us.

Debuted at A Starry Night to Benefit the THANC Foundation, 12th Anniversary Gala – Thursday, November 5, 2015 – The Museum of Modern Art.
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Talking About Diagnosis

In our interview, Larry told us how he revealed the truth of his diagnosis to his young sons. His eldest, Jaime surprised Larry with his response.

Giving Back to the Community

Be awesome! Do some good. It’s a great time to make a difference in your community! Do something kind or unexpected for someone. It can be a simple act. Hold the door for someone. Compliment a stranger. Donate your talents or expertise to a local non-profit.

Larry’s Story

Larry generously shared his story with us in this interview. He found a lump in his neck during a self-exam, which later turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma . Larry bravely described how a difficult treatment affected his spirit and that his journey back to health is a daily task.

Robin’s Story

Robin and her daughter, Natalie tell us how Robin’s cancer journey brought the family closer together. After the initial shock of diagnosis, Robin wanted her children to carry on with their daily routines. By continuing to live their lives, it helped her to focus on her recovery.

Head & Neck Cancer Guide

A diagnosis of head and neck cancer is a life-changing event. The Head and Neck Cancer Guide offers people the information they need to help cope with the changes that follow a cancer diagnosis. In the process, we hope having this resource empowers them, as well.

THANC Foundation

THANC focuses on community awareness and education as well as patient outreach and support programs. The TCCC, which is a thyroid disease-specific electronic health record system and the Head and Neck Cancer Guide, a comprehensive resource to help patients and their loved ones understand and prepare for every step of the cancer journey.

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