2022 Year in Review

A time of unprecedented adversity brought us together as a community, and we rose to face the challenge. In looking back on 2022, it’s clear that our collective resilience was bigger than any obstacle thrown in front of us. Despite this, we emerged stronger—united by purpose and propelled forward with shared spirit.

Community & Partnership

We made great strides in our mission to better the lives of many, with our three-pronged approach that advances research and educates physicians, while providing invaluable support for patients and their families. In 2022 alone we achieved tremendous success—touching more lives than ever before, creating an enormous volume of impactful information. Something we are immensely proud to share!

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Update on Programs & Events

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Research Associates

The THANC Foundation’s Research Associates interact with a team of doctors and scientists to write and publish scientific papers and posters. This year, they gave 7 presentations at head & neck and thyroid-related conferences, they submitted 3 abstracts and they published 8 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. Research Associates stay in touch with patients throughout their cancer journey, collecting data for clinical studies, and reviewing patient charts.

Research Accomplishments


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Presentations submitted to seminars

Welcome to our New Recruits!

Research Associate

Danielle Kapustin

Research Associate

Vivian Su

Research Associate

Jun Yun

Seminars in 2022

  • 11th International Conference on Head & Neck Cancer of the American Head & Neck Society held on 4/27/2022
  • 91st Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association held on 10/14/2022
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TIRO Has Grown

Last year, we launched our newest project: TIRO, the Thyroid Int’l Recommendations Online and our weekly educational webinar series.

TIRO is your go-to source for understanding thyroid healthcare. By comparing the international guidelines, white papers and recommendations related to cancer and nodules, we help identify where there’s common ground—or disagreement! With TIRO in your corner you’re sure to have clarity on current best practices.

TIRO Hosts a Webinar Every Friday!

TIRO—supplemented by our weekly webinars (TIROxMDS)—offers physicians a wealth of expertise on modern medical topics through engaging journal clubs, lectures, tumor boards and round table discussions. Spearheaded by an enthusiastic team of international thyroid specialists with extensive experience in the field, TIRO is dedicated to improving healthcare for those living with these diseases. So everyone can be well-informed about their condition.

Making the Cancer Journey Smoother

We’re driven by our mission to give families affected by thyroid, head and neck cancer the information they need. This year, we achieved this with content on the THANC Guide that parents can share with their children for support in understanding diagnosis, treatment and recovery.


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A Spot Just for Kids

We recently released even more guidance! We created a series of enlightening books, games and activities specifically tailored to helping young family members navigate the journey.

It’s our goal to provide useful and engaging materials for your loved ones—of any age, because the cancer journey impacts the whole family.

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Help us do more! Donate today!
Your donation will help us accomplish our mission and reach further with our resources.
Your donation will help us accomplish our mission and reach further with our resources.
Help us do more! Donate today!
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