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Dale Shaw's
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Dale Shaw

Dale & husband, Nick

Dale & Nick


New Jersey Marathon 2011

Please join the THANC Foundation and honored teammate Dale Shaw in running to raise funds to fight thyroid, head and neck cancers.

Dale Shaw


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Judith Pond
Carmela Sagendorf
Tara Sorrell Proctor

I was sweetly informed by my fiancée's second cousin, Carmela Sagendorf, that I would participate in the THANC half marathon—and no one says "no" to cousin Carmela! I am honored to run this race, which for many is a very personal challenge. Carmela's husband, Eddie, was a patient of Dr. Urken. Although I never knew him, I know his lovely wife Carmela, and I will run in honor of him. I will also run to support this great organization and Dr. Urken, whom I hope to meet.

This will be my tenth half marathon. I run for many reasons, the least being it is cheap therapy and keeps me going both physically and mentally.

Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated. What I will get in return from your generosity is the feeling that comes from helping those who must struggle with thyroid, head or neck cancer.

Hoping for blue skies and calm weather.

Waddle On,


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